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Featured Kona Coffee Keurig K cups Subscriptions

Why Pooki's Mahi's Kona coffee k cups?


Best Value

$40.80* per box (24 k cups) 
Pay $1.70 / k-cup - K-cup Subscription
Pay $2.12 / k-cup - Peaberry


Quality Kona Coffees

Top Kona coffee beans
Estate, Fancy, Extra Fancy, and Peaberry harvested/roasted from Hawaii.

Free 2-3 Day Shipping

Lower 48 States, Alaska*, Hawaii*
$45 value for expedited shipping.  *Alaska, Hawaii = 3 month plan. 

Pooki's Mahi's award-winning 100% Kona coffee Keurig k-cups - $40.80 per shipment/6 month subscription.

What makes Pooki's Mahi's Kona coffee subscription plans different?

Pooki's Mahi Kona coffee k cup subscription plans are priced lower than our wholesale coffee club at $40.80 per box on a 6-month k cup subscription.



$40.80 / $50.88 per box

Save 15% ($14.19 per box) 
Pay $40.80 or $1.70 / k-cup - 24 k cups 
Pay $50.88 or $2.12 / k-cup - Peaberry
Pay $54.99+ or $2.29 / k-cup - Amazon


Delivered Monthly 

Create Account 
6-month coffee subscriptions = best value with 15% or $14.00+ saved per box. 


Free 2-3 Day Shipping

Lower 48 States, Alaska*, Hawaii* 
*Alaska, Hawaii = (3) months; **Canada = (6) months coffee k cup subscriptions required. 


Modify/Cancel Anytime

Update Coffee Subscription
Modify k cup subscription to a different Kona coffee or Hawaiian coffee k cup subscription. Cancel monthly subscription any time.


Subscribe & Save 

Buy 6 months & Modify  
Lock in the $40.80 or $50.88 per box coffee subscription plan rate.  Modify each monthly delivery to a different Hawaiian coffee.  


Priority Fulfillment

Coffee Subscriptions & Coffee of the Month
Kona k cup subscription and coffee of the month accounts are prioritized at the same level as distributors.  



Quality Kona coffees in Pooki's Mahi's Kona coffee Keurig k cups

Pooki's Mahi uses the highest quality Kona coffee beans for our Keurig Kona coffee k cups, custom k cups, and private label Kona coffee single serve(s).

High Quality

Fancy Kona coffee beans 
Everyday "Cuppa Joe"
Pay $1.70 / k-cup - Coffee Subscription
Pay $1.91 / k-cup - Wholesale K cups

Kona coffee Keurig k cups:
Medium & Kona coffee French Roast k cups
Keurig Kona coffee - Decaf k cups

Highest Quality & Grade

Extra Fancy Kona coffee beans 
Customers know Kona coffee
Pay $1.70 / k-cup - Coffee Subscription
Pay $1.91 / k-cup - Wholesale K cups

Kona coffee for Keurig:
Kona coffee Estate Extra Fancy k cups

Rare - 5% of total crop

Kona Peaberry coffee beans
Most expensive Kona coffee
Pay $2.12 / k-cup - Coffee Subscription
Pay $2.24 / k-cup - Wholesale K-cups

Keurig Kona coffee k cups:
Kona Peaberry coffee k cups


Which Kona k cups coffee subscription should I buy?
Committing to a 6-month coffee subscription plan is a lot of money for some customers. Pooki's Mahi has 5 different 100% Kona coffee k-cups and 2 different 100% Hawaiian coffee k-cups:  Maui Mokka coffee k-cups and Kau coffee k-cups. Two options to figure out which Kona coffee k cups fits your taste buds prior to committing to a k cup subscription.

We'll do our best to accommodate all customer requests.


Kona k cups Variety Pack

$40.80 - 45.84 (Wholesale)
Buy a 100% Kona coffee k cups variety pack before buying a coffee subscription. 
(6) Kona Estate Extra Fancy, (6) Kona Medium, (6) Kona French Roast, (6) Kona Peaberry coffee


K cup subscription plan

$40.80 - 6 month commitment
Buy a monthly coffee subscription + modify each month.  Best value - save $14.00+ per box. 


Pooki's Mahi's Kona coffee k cups works in Keurig k cups 2.0 & 1.0 compatible brewers.